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Why Choose us

Monarch Inc. Why chose us

In full strength and using full production cycle we have capacity to produce 40,000 to 50,000 components every day.

Why chose us?

Formative Engineering offers a varied range of components in design, development and quality.

We strive to offers the best quality components for your business :-

  • Multiple plants with over 1 800 sq.yards of production area.
  • Production Capacity to produce 60,000 to 70,000 components everyday.
  • 20+ years of rich manufacturing experience.
  • Separate workforce of 10 engineers, who look after our section of Entrance Automation.
  • On time Delivery.
  • Quality in Production.
  • Provide competitive price

Monarch: Strength

Multiple plants with over 18,000 Square Yards of production area.

200+ Production + corporate and administration workforce.

6 hammers as primary forging machinery.

What our clients say?