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Quality Policy

QualityPolicy and QAstandards

Check, check and re-check and re-check and again check and perform final checking and ……. Pack and re-check again … It really take lot of efforts to maintain the QA standards.

Process based QA system.

All process under production facility has separate quality inspection system that finally results in - customer satisfaction .

separate product specific QA inspection system which has been followed strictly to maintain quality of the products at FEPL production lines.

Multi point QA

Almost 5 - 20 different type of QA operations being performed on each piece of material we produce, just to assure Quality in our products.

Best possible approach

We us the best possible approach to maintain the quality of the products. We follow stringent quality measure while making our .

By Following ISO 9001/2008 Quality management system we have marked our presence in the world of quality components manufacturer. We follow stringent quality measure while making our products that is why we have long list of satisfied Indian and overseas customers.

Quality is our priority At Formative Engineering, quality is of utmost important to serve better quality products to our valued customers. We strongly committed to provide total customer satisfaction through excellence in product & process development, building quality into the process, proactive approach to quality issues, quick response to customers, cutting-edge technology & price competitiveness.

Some of the recent initiative are:-

  • Product Development
  • Variation reduction
  • Continous Improvement
  • State of the art manufacturing systems.